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MEDIA CITY DANCE is celebrating 20 years of serving the Burbank community. A professional dance school that has catered to young dancers who are not only looking to pursue a career in dance, but also to find a place to express their passion for the arts. With over 100 years of experience in Russian Classical Ballet, spanning 3 generations, Media City Dance centers on teaching the tradition of Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. Media City Dance also caters to those who just love to dance, but want excellent training whether they start from age 3 or 93. Media City Dance works with a variety of ages! The school curriculum is designed under studio director, Natasha Middleton.​

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Media City Dance

 Is to provide training in classical ballet technique, which affords dancers the complete foundation for all other dance forms. Media City Dance encourages students of all ages and levels to experience the world of dance, while also developing their emotional and physical centers. Many students of Media City Dance have gone on to programs at The Kirov Conservatory, American Ballet Theater, Broadway and more. We hope that you will make Media City Dance your home for exploring the art of dance. 

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Media City Dance

We seek to inspire through our timeless legacy of preeminence and tradition of classical ballet in conjunction with the timeliness of artistic innovation.  We seek to connect to our community and our audience through the inclusiveness & excellence of performance.

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