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Safety is our Number #1 priority

Walk ins are not accepted, if you have any question be sure to call us at 818-720-9979 or email us at We can answer any question or schedule a time for us to meet. 


  • Be limited to a small dance bag 

  • Bring your own yoga mat if you plan to stretch 

  • Bring your own water bottle 

  • Bring disinfecting wipes to wipe down your barre area

Once Entering Studio: 

  • Must use hand sanitizer upon arriving 

  • Must remove shoes and store into shoe cubby 

  • No street shoes worn across the carpet

Rates | Studio policies: More Info


Monthly Payments Must Start on the 1st


Drop in

$85 per month

1 class per week

$160 per month

2 classes per week

$175 per month

3 classes per week

$190 per month

4 classes per week

Rates | Studio policies: Files
$205 per month
5 classes per week

$300 Unlimited per month
(Alignment class not included)

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